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Boise Attorney Grand Theft Felony Charges

Criminal Defense Lawyers Defending Felony Grand Theft Charges There are two primary distinctions between grand theft and petty theft — the definition of the offense, and the penalties faced by the accused if convicted. At Martens Law Office in Boise, criminal defense attorney Jared Martens often demonstrates that a charge of grand theft is not justified, and negotiates a reduced charge or outright dismissal.

In Idaho, grand theft is a serious felony charge. A convicted person might face up to 20 years in prison and $10,000 in fines. Theft is charged as grand theft based on the intent of the accused person or on the amount stolen.

As skilled defense lawyer, Mr. Martens will often challenge the basis for a grand theft or burglary charge. If the charge was based on intent to steal, he will demand that the prosecuting attorney prove the accused intended to steal when entering the retail store. In a case of auto theft or theft of other goods, he will challenge the stated value of the items.

Petty theft automatically becomes grand theft if the person has two previous theft convictions within the previous five years. It is extremely important to mount an aggressive defense against any criminal charge, to avoid serious long-term consequences.

Martens Law Office has weekend and evening appointments available, offers free initial consultations, and accepts credit cards. If you would like to speak with Mr. Martens about a grand theft charge, please contact the firm and arrange a free consultation. The firm's lawyer and staff are committed to providing responsive and attentive client service.

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