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Parole and Probation Violation
Defense Attorney in Boise

If you or a love one is accused of parole or probation violations, seek help immediately from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The burden of proof is lower in cases involving parole and probation violations than in other areas of the law. Do not waste any time getting an attorney on your side.

Attorney Jared B. Martens has extensive experience at all levels of the criminal justice system. He is well prepared to protect your constitutional rights. Contact Martens Law Offices now to schedule a free initial consultation - Attorney Martens is well prepared to mount a strong defense.

Every parole or probation violation case is unique. Attorney Martens has handled cases for clients accused of committing new or repeat crimes while on parole or probation, such as DUI, reckless driving, drug possession or domestic violence. In addition to handling the parole or probation violation, he can represent you in any new criminal case.

Mr. Martens also represents people who have allegedly failed to follow the conditions of their release. He is ready to protect your future.

Aggressively Protecting Clients Accused of Parole or Probation Violations

Attorney Martens is a straight shooter. He is committed to explaining the law in plain English so clients clearly understand the legal process and all of their options.

Probation violation cases are heard by judges, while cases involving parole violations proceed before the parole board. Mr. Martens has experience defending clients in front of judges and parole boards.

The consequences of being adjudicated guilty of a parole or probation violation can include:

  • An adjustment to your parole or probation terms
  • Revocation of your parole or probation - resulting in jail time
  • Additional penalties, including increased jail time

When defending clients in parole and probation violation cases, Attorney Martens helps clients take proactive steps that may assist in their defense. These could include enrolling in an anger management, drug rehabilitation or alcohol awareness program, depending on the terms of your parole or probation.

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If you or a family member is accused of a probation or parole violation, contact Martens Law Offices now to schedule a free initial consultation. Attorney Jared Martens is committed to your defense.

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