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Burglary, Petty Theft, Willful Concealment and Shoplifting Defense

If you or your child is charged with shoplifting, willful concealment, petty theft or burglary it may seem easier to plead guilty, pay a fine and forget the matter than to fight the charge. Before making that irreversible decision, contact an attorney and find out what your legal rights are, and what the long-term consequences of a guilty plea might be.

Martens Law Office in Boise, Idaho, attorney Jared B. Martens provides those accused of petty theft, including shoplifting or willful concealment, with aggressive defense representation. It is not unusual for a customer to be charged with petty theft or willful concealment for carrying an object in a pocket on the way to the checkout counter, or for theft charges to result from another misunderstanding. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the alleged theft, Mr. Martens is often able to get charges dismissed or reduced. He may negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney. If a client does plead guilty, he will work with the court to find a favorable sentencing option, such as a conditional dismissal upon completion of an anti-theft class and payment of restitution.

While petty theft and willful concealment are considered misdemeanors and fairly minor crimes in the grand scheme of things, it is vitally important that you do not go without the proper level of dynamic defense from a skilled Boise petty theft or willful concealment attorney. Without the right amount of assistance, you could very well be facing fines up to $1,000 and a year imprisonment in county jail for a petty theft charge and up to a $1000.00 fine and six (6) months in county jail for a willful concealment charge. While not as severe as the consequences associated with grand theft or burglary, neither should they be taken lightly.

While many theft crimes are defined as the actual taking of a piece of property that does not belong to you, in terms of burglary, merely entering the building with the intention to commit any crime inside that building is enough to be charged with this type of crime. According to Idaho law, if you have entered into a home, building, structure or vehicle with the intentions of committing theft (or other crime), then you have committed the crime of burglary. Punishments for successful convictions of this type of crime are extremely serious and may include between one year and ten years spent in the Idaho State Penitentiary.

It is extremely important to mount a strong defense against any theft charge — a person who has several previous petty theft convictions within a few years time could be charged with grand theft and subject themselves to a long prison term and heavy fine if convicted.

Martens Law Office has weekend and evening appointments available, offers free initial consultations, and accepts credit cards. If you would like to speak with attorney Jared Martens about defense against a shoplifting, burglary, willful concealment or petty theft charge, please contact the firm and arrange a free consultation. The firm's lawyer and staff are committed to providing responsive and attentive client service. We can be reached at (208) 344-0994.

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