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Idaho Stalking Defense Lawyers

Boise Criminal Defense Lawyer at Martens Law Office Representing those Accused of Stalking Stalking is an extremely serious accusation... but what if a criminal accusation came from a mistake or misunderstanding? What is stalking, anyway? What is an Idaho stalking defense? And what are your legal rights? Read on to find out.

The term "stalking" is used to refer to repeated, unwanted contact between two people. Stalking can feel extremely threatening and take on many forms, from physical following to spying, eavesdropping, attempts to contact via the Internet or at the workplace, or contacting other family members. Stalkers intentionally intimidate their victims in order to experience a sense of power and gain attention, and this crime can be devastating for an individual.

Victims of stalkers usually obtain a restraining order first before pursuing more serious criminal prosecution. However, some accused stalkers are prosecuted for other crimes as well, including breaking and entering, sex crimes, fraud, violent intent, or trespassing. While the system was rightly designed to help the victims of stalking find some peace and a sense of safety, it often backfires when the wrong person is accused. Some people mistake conduct for stalking or accuse others of stalking as a means of retaliation or revenge.

Luckily, you have rights to legal representation in court whether or not you are guilty of stalking. Your chances of prevailing against a stalking accusation are greatly increased by an experienced Boise, Idaho stalking defense attorney who can mount a stalking defense on your behalf. The right stalking defense involves intensive investigation, collection of evidence, and proper procedure in court. And the right criminal defense attorney both understands criminal law and stalking-related statutes and rules.

Martens Law Office, P.C. knows that a stalking accusation or conviction could affect your ability to lead a normal life, contact with your children, even your right to vote or find a job. We believe that everyone is entitled to a fair trial – and we have the results to uphold our outstanding reputation. If you have been accused of stalking, obtain a Boise, Idaho stalking defense lawyer as soon as possible – even if the case has not yet been brought to the police. We can help you develop a legal strategy and mount the right stalking defense when the time comes. What do you have to lose? Our case consultation is free – and it's completely confidential. Contact Us today for more information or call (208) 344-0994.

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