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Idaho takes the crime of Leaving the Scene of an Injury Accident extremely seriously.

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Felony Leaving the Scene of an Injury Accident Defense

Idaho law provides that if you have been involved in a vehicle accident that has caused injury or death to another person you must immediately stop your vehicle, remain at the scene of the accident, exchange insurance information with the other driver or drivers, provide proof of driver’s license to the other drivers and assist any injured persons in obtaining medical attention. You should also remain at the scene until Idaho law enforcement arrives on the scene of the injury accident.

In Idaho, a violation of this law will result in a Felony Leaving the Scene charge. The Penalties include up to a five thousand dollar fine ($5000.00) and up to five years in the Idaho State Penitentiary, or both the maximum fine and the maximum prison sentence. In addition, the Idaho Department of Transportation will suspend your driver’s license if you plead guilty or are found guilty of felony leaving the scene of an injury accident. During that year-long period, no driving privileges of any kind are allowed. The driver’s license suspension is the same as mandated for a second time or excessive DUI charge.


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