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If you have been charged with a serious drug crime, whether it is a small amount of Marijuana or a small amount of Methamphetamine, no one in the criminal justice system is going to do you any favors. You need an experienced Boise drug offense lawyer on your side – someone who will protect your constitutional rights.

At Martens Law Offices, attorney Jared B. Martens aggressively defends the rights of those facing drug charges. He will fight for your freedom and your future. Contact the firm now to schedule a free initial consultation.

Aggressively Protecting the Rights of Those Charged with Drug Offenses

Defense attorney Jared B. Martens carefully reviews the evidence obtained against clients to determine if any facts were missed or procedural errors were made in the police investigation. His hands-on approach helps him mount an aggressive defense for clients charged with a drug crime, such as:

In Idaho, including Boise and many other cities, Attorney Martens has experience defending clients in drug crime cases involving virtually any controlled substance:

  • Marijuana
  • Crack and cocaine
  • Ecstasy and other pills
  • Methamphetamines (including meth labs)
  • Heroin
  • Illegally obtained prescription drugs

Mr. Martens knows that, in some cases, it makes sense to fight. He also knows how to negotiate lesser charges and negotiated pleas that can minimize the consequences for those accused of a serious drug crime. Whether the matter involves a simple misdemeanor such as marijuana possession or the felony sale of cocaine, you will find a passionate and dedicated lawyer at Martens Law Offices.

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