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When an individual is found in possession of a controlled substance, the district attorney looks at a number of factors when deciding whether to charge the person with drug possession (possession of a controlled substance) or drug trafficking  (trafficking a controlled substance). That decision is often made based on a perception of the accused person’s intentions. Supporting evidence might involve large amounts of cash, quantities of marijuana, cocaine or another drug in large quantities, plastic baggies for distribution or a scale in the possession of the person.

Drug trafficking is a very serious felony that carries mandatory minimum prison terms, and at Martens Law Office in Boise, attorney Mr. Martens aggressively defends the firm’s clients against drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, and all related charges. This includes conspiracy to distribute, possession of marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth or other controlled substances with intent to distribute or intent to sell a controlled substance. Depending on the circumstances, Mr. Martens may move to suppress evidence obtained through illegal search and seizure.

In many cases, he will recommend that the client consider a plea bargain to a lesser charge such as simple possession of drugs for personal use. A charge of cooking meth that would carry a sentence of several years in prison might be reduced to possession with intent to deliver, a charge that involves a much smaller sentence, perhaps a Rider (Retained Jurisdiction). A plea bargain might involve negotiations for a sentence of drug rehabilitation rather than prison or jail time.

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