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DUI Idaho | Alcohol Related Crimes

If you, a friend, a colleague, an employee, or a loved one have been charged with an alcohol related crime you may find the following Frequently Asked Questions helpful. These are common questions that we often answer during your FREE Consultation. However, if you take a minute to read this FAQ, your time will be better spent discussing the individual circumstances of your case.

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It is important to maintain a clean record. Adding misdemeanors to your record, even minor misdemeanors can have long term negative effects on your employment, community status and personal reputation. In many cases these charges can be dismissed or reduced to an infraction if you have an experienced Idaho Criminal Defense Attorney on your side. Martens Law Office, P.C. has represented countless individuals on alcohol related charges in Boise, Idaho as well as other cities such as Caldwell, Nampa, McCall, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls and others.

Do not allow an alcohol related crime to taint your permanent record or result in your incarceration. Contact Us Now at (208) 344-0994.

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