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DUI Degrees, Types and Penalties

No longer is a DUI simply a Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol charge. There are numerous types and degrees of DUI charges, each carrying with them their own special set of penalties and ramifications. This has come about because of vast improvements in technology along with political forces such as Mother's Against Drunk Driving "MADD". It has become more and more common for individuals to find themselves charged with a DUI when they thought they were breaking no laws by driving. It has also become common for individuals to find themselves charged with a DUI charge that has serious consequences and penalties due to tougher legislation.

In Idaho DUI charges range from a simple first time misdemeanor DUI resulting from having a few drinks and blowing over the .08 BAC limit to serious felony charges that can carry up to fifteen (15) years in the Idaho State Penitentiary. In recent years law enforcement has began to charge drivers with a DUI for driving while taking a legally prescribed prescription, driving after having used marijuana within the past few days. Driver's under the age of 21 may be charged with a DUI for driving with a BAC of .02 or higher. A few years ago, Idaho changed the DUI law in such a way that anyone receiving three (3) DUI's within a ten year period will be charged with a felony. It used to be three DUI's within a five (5) year period. We have noticed a huge increase in the number of felony DUI charges brought against drivers. Finally, if someone is injured in an accident and a driver is at a .08 BAC or higher, a first time DUI will be considered "aggravated" and charged as a felony.

Do not assume that you can effectively represent yourself when charged with a DUI in Idaho. Perhaps you refused to submit to the breathalyzer or this is your second time DUI. Perhaps you submitted to the breathalyzer and the results were a BAC over .20, which is considered an excessive DUI in Idaho. Each and every DUI charge is a little different with its own set of penalties and consequences. Do not expose yourself to the traps and pitfalls that are inevitable when working through a DUI charge in Idaho. Contact an experienced attorney that will protect you from the dangers that will present themselves along the way in your DUI case. Contact Martens Law Office, P.C. at (208) 344-0994 to speak with an attorney experienced in Idaho DUI Defense.

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