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A simple mistake can suddenly ruin a fishing or hunting expedition. However, the disappointment you experience from losing a trophy king salmon or an elk is nothing compared to the stress of facing criminal charges for a fish and game violation.

Attorney Jard B. Martens is an avid hunter and fisherman. He understands the confusion people have about many Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) regulations and procedures. Mr. Martens applies his criminal defense experience to aggressively protect clients facing serious fish and game violations.

Do not overlook a fish and game violation. An innocent mistake could result in the loss of your license, fines and even jail time. Put Attorney Jared Martens’ experience to work for you. Contact the firm now to schedule a free initial consultation.

Aggressively Defending Clients’ Rights in Fish and Game Violation Cases

Martens Law Office is a detailed-driven law firm with a strong reputation for protecting clients’ constitutional rights. Attorney Martens is well prepared to review the evidence obtained against you to determine if the IDFG made any mistakes of fact or procedure.

His hands-on approach helps him develop a strong defense for clients charged with fish and game violations, such as:

  • Poaching
  • Tagging the wrong animal
  • Transferring a Tag
  • Hunting from the road
  • Shooting from the Road
  • Hunting on private property
  • Fishing or hunting over your limit
  • Fishing without a license
  • Hunting without a license
  • Recreational Trespass

Attorney Martens has also defended hunters accused of trespassing on private property. He protects his clients’ licenses by developing his defense based on the specific facts of each client’s case. For example, in one case he demonstrated to the magistrate judge that his client did not know to call Idaho’s Fishing and Game division for animal removal help.

Mr. Martens is a tough negotiator prepared to fight for a reduction or dismissal of your charges, if the regulations were unclear. A client’s clean record can also be valuable in building a strong defense.

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