Juvenile cases depend not only upon the strength of the evidence but also, to a large extent, on how well the accused juvenile is prepared for a hearing. Every detail matters in juvenile defense. Trust an experienced trial attorney to protect your child’s future.

Protect Your Minor Son or Daughter – Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Parents in Boise, Idaho, turn to criminal defense attorney Jared B. Martens at Martens Law Offices to protect their children during juvenile court proceedings. Mr. Martens has extensive experience defending young people accused of offenses ranging from underage DUI or drug possession to serious crimes such as felony assault.

Attorney Jared B. Martens has practiced in the local court system for years and is very familiar with the judges in the area. Equally important, he is committed to protecting his clients’ constitutional rights during criminal and juvenile justice proceedings.

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Adult and Juvenile Law – What Is the Difference?

Juveniles face serious risks when accused of a misdemeanor or felony offense. In juvenile court, there is no jury. The fate of the accused lies in the hands of one judge.

A minor can be determined delinquent for offenses that would be legal if committed by an adult, in addition to criminal offenses. The standard for conviction is lower than in adult court, and in some cases the court can hold offenders in detention or extend probation until they are 21-years-old.

There are some benefits to having a case tried in juvenile court. The juvenile system is designed to protect and rehabilitate the youthful offender rather than to punish. Certain sentencing options are available in juvenile court, which are not available to those charged as adults. In some cases, defendants can also benefit from automatic eligibility for expungement and record sealing.

An Effective Negotiator

When defending a client accused of a juvenile crime, attorney Jared Martens works with the prosecutor to negotiate a reduction or dismissal of charges. If his client pleads guilty or is convicted, he works aggressively to get the most favorable sentencing option available.

If your child has been arrested or is under investigation for marijuana possessionpetty theftUnderage DUI or another minor offense, you may not realize how important it is to present a strong defense. Speak with an experienced juvenile law attorney at the first opportunity.

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