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Texting While Driving to be an Infraction in Idaho

The 2012 Idaho Legislature passed a new law that bans the use of cellular telephones for texting while driving under Idaho Code 49-1401A. This law will likely take effect in July 2012. On March 28, 2012 the bill was sent to Idaho Governor Butch Otter for signing. The Idaho law provides that it is... Read More

Idaho Right to Hunt Constitutional Amendment on November Ballot

The Idaho Senate Passed a Bill that would give Idahoans the Constitutional Right to Hunt. The measure will be on the November 2012 ballot. If the Amendment receives majority approval from Idaho voters, it will limit the authority and rights of the Idaho Fish and Game as well as animal rights activists and the Federal... Read More

Idaho State Legislature Approves Sex Offender Registry Delisting

Young men convicted under an older definition of statutory rape would get a chance to clear their names from the sex offender registry under a bill that has passed the House. In March 2012, House lawmakers voted 64-1 to approve the legislation, which applies to young men who were convicted of statutory... Read More

Non Compliance of Idaho Lab Workers Bring Convictions into Question

The alleged misconduct of three workers at the Idaho State Police Forensics Lab may put up to 1,000 drug convictions at risk. Three memos from the Idaho State Police, which were sent to over 800 attorneys, brought to light alleged non-compliant actions of forensic lab workers. According to the documents, three lab workers were... Read More

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