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Idaho Property Crimes Defense Lawyer

At his law practice, Martens Law Office, attorney Jared B. Martens aggressively defends his clients in all types of criminal matters, including fraud and theft crimes. His defense strategy is simple: he stands up and fights to protect the rights and freedom of his clients.

His goal is always to obtain the very best result possible. Contact Martens Law Office for a consultation.

Martens Law Office represents clients accused of property crimes, including:

In cases involving property and theft crimes, a defense lawyer cannot depend on the good will of the judge or prosecutor. The key to a successful defense is careful case preparation.

Jared Martens takes a proactive approach to criminal defense. When he takes a case, he looks at the events leading to the alleged event, the arrest, the evidence, witnesses, and every other relevant detail. Whether the outcome eventually results from a negotiated plea or a jury trial, Mr. Martens prepares his cases as if he is going to trial. He knows that building his case from the ground up provides the strongest possible defense.

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