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Possession of Spice in Boise Idaho

If you have been charged with Possession of Spice in Idaho you need to contact an attorney who is familiar with Idaho laws. The drug commonly referred to as "Spice" or "K2" is treated the same a possession of marijuana under Idaho Law. Idaho has classified possession of spice as a misdemeanor crime and in limited circumstances as a felony for distribution, manufacture or delivery. This means that as a misdemeanor, the Idaho court could sentence you to one year in the county jail and up to a one thousand dollar fine or both jail time and a fine. As a felony, the court could sentence you up to a fifteen thousand dollar fine and/or send you to the Idaho State Penitentiary for five years.

Spice has been around for years, but was not commonly found on the street until recently. No one really knows what the substance is, but it allegedly has similar effects to marijuana when smoked. Unfortunately, this potpourri substance referred to as spice has caused many of those using the substance to find themselves in the hospital, shaking violently, short of breath, heart racing, swelling of the brain, anxiety attacks, hallucinations, nausea, chemical dependency and extreme agitation. These effects are not common with marijuana. The extent of the risks associated with spice are not well known, so it would be wise to avoid inhaling anything referred to as "spice" "potpourri" "bath salts" or a "synthetic drug". In 2010 Boise, Payette, Nampa, Caldwell and many other Idaho municipalities passed ordinances prohibiting the use of spice. Then in 2011 the Idaho Legislature listed spice as a Schedule I controlled substance and prohibited its possession, use or distribution. Since that time, those dealing in the substance have worked to get around the law. In so doing, they have changed the chemical composition of spice, making it all the more unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

Nonetheless, if you have been charged with possession of spice it would be in your best interest to hire an Idaho criminal defense attorney to beat the charges or have the charges reduced to something other than possession of a controlled substance. At Martens Law Office we are experienced in defending those charged with possession of spice, possession of marijuana and possession of other controlled substances. Do not allow a poor decision or your naivety as to the legality of a substance taint your criminal record. Whether the police have charged you with a misdemeanor for possession of spice or a felony for distribution of spice contact Martens Law Office to discuss your options. Call us today at (208) 344-0994.

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