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Boise Criminal Defense Attorney

When a client of Martens Law Office in Boise, Idaho is charged with marijuana possession or possession of spice, attorney Jared Martens works hard to get the drug charges reduced. A ticket for marijuana possession is a misdemeanor offense. Consequences of a conviction include loss of ability to get student loans, sentences requiring up to 100 hours of community service, and the obligation to post up to $500 as a bond.

Meth, Heroin, Cocaine or Marijuana Possession

A skilled criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Martens has successfully employed strategies in defense of clients accused of drug possession in Idaho. Depending on the circumstances of the charges, he may consider challenging the district attorney’s case, citing illegal search and seizure, lack of reasonable cause for a traffic stop or other breach of law enforcement procedures.

Sentencing Options | Drug Court or Substance Abuse Rehab Programs

Mr. Martens may recommend a plea bargain, where the suspect forfeits bond for court costs, and charges are reduced to possession of drug paraphernalia, or dropped altogether. In a case involving a guilty plea, he will request alternative sentencing options such as drug court or a rehab program.

Aggressive Criminal Defense | Drug Charges – Drug Trafficking

Martens Law Office provides aggressive defense services to clients facing a wide range of drug charges. In addition to charges of drug possession, the firm handles cases involving possession with intent to distribute and other drug trafficking charges. The firm has weekend and evening appointments available, offers free initial consultations, and accepts credit cards.


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If you have been arrested on criminal charges, or need to arrange to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible, Martens Law offers weekend and evening appointments and free initial consultations. Credit cards accepted. If you would like to speak with Mr. Martens, click below to arrange a free consultation. The firm’s attorney and staff are committed to providing responsive and attentive client service.