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Jared Martens, J.D., is a hard-hitting and experienced criminal defense lawyer who defends you and your family from aggressive prosecution. If you are being investigated or have charges pending, it's time to find an attorney who is well-respected by clients, judges and prosecutors alike. Jared Martens is recognized as one of the preeminent Idaho criminal defense attorneys.
Martens Law Office provides legal representation for an extensive list of criminal charges and has helped hundreds of clients in Idaho since 2003.

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Jared Martens, Martens Law Office | Idaho Criminal Defense Attorney

"Attorney Martens has been protecting the accused in Idaho since 2003"

Martens Law Office is a criminal defense law firm dedicated to representing those charged with a crime in Idaho. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, let us help by providing an aggressive legal defense in an Idaho Court of Law. Being accused of a criminal charge is a serious matter, and you need legal representation. Go to court with an aggressive Boise criminal attorney experienced in Idaho Laws to protect your reputation and future.

Criminal defense attorney Jared Martens provides high-quality legal solutions for people who need an Idaho criminal defense lawyer. At Martens Law Office, P.C., clients find an attorney who cares deeply about their clients future and who is determined to protect their interests. Put your difficult legal problem into the hands of an attorney who will fight for you.

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"Being charged with a crime is stressful and serious. Contact us today (208) 344-0994 for your FREE Legal Consultation"

Jared Martens is the criminal defense lawyer clients trust when they have been accused of a crime in Idaho

Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorny Boise, Idaho

Our law firm takes an aggressive approach to criminal law, seeking to obtain the best outcome possible in every legal case. Our criminal attorney can resolve the matter economically and with the least stress by negotiating with the district attorney, or arranging to have charges dismissed altogether. However, Mr. Martens is well prepared Idaho criminal lawyer to go to trial with the goal to see that your legal rights are represented fairly.

Since 2003, Martens Law Office has provided legal counsel to countless clients in a wide variety of legal matters throughout the state of Idaho. We understand that each case is unique and circumstances vary. We offer a free consultation to determine a defense strategy and help you with your situation.

Attorney Jared Martens cares deeply about his clients' future. Mr. Martens examines each case with a problem solving approach and provides straightforward advice and counsel in terms you will understand.

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