Have You Been Criminally Charged?

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Criminal Attorney Boise | Idaho Defense Lawyer

Martens Law Office is a criminal defense law firm dedicated to those charged with a crime in Idaho. If you have been charged with a criminal offense let us help by providing an aggressive legal defense in an Idaho court of law. Being accused and being guilty of a criminal charge is why you need legal representation. Go to court with an aggressive Boise criminal attorney experienced in Idaho Laws to protect your reputation and future.

Boise, Idaho | Criminal Lawyer | Martens Law Office

If you have been charged and sentenced in an old case including, but not limited to: felony crime, DUI, juvenile charges, and are concerned about the impact that it has on your criminal record, (including background checks), Martens Law can help get your prior conviction dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge.

Aggressive Boise Criminal Attorney | Experienced Idaho Criminal Lawyer

Martens Law provides legal representation for an extensive list of criminal charges helping hundreds of clients in Boise, Idaho since 2003. Through our skilled litigation processes and legal counseling we can protect and solve legal problems. We provide free legal consultations to discuss your unique circumstances to determine a defense strategy to help you through your situation. Being charged with a crime is stressful and serious so let us help you today, and you put your difficult legal problem into the trusting hands of an experienced Boise attorney well versed in Idaho criminal law.

Criminal Defense Attorney | Martens Law Office | Boise, Idaho

Our law firm takes an aggressive approach to criminal law, seeking to obtain the best outcome possible in every legal case. Our criminal attorney can resolve the matter economically and with the least stress by negotiating with the district attorney, or arranging to have charges dismissed altogether. However, Mr. Martens is well prepared Idaho criminal lawyer to go to trial with the goal to see that your legal rights are represented fairly.

Boise, Idaho Family Law Attorney

Going through a legal separation is a very emotional and trying experience, especially when a child is involved. It is imperative to seek legal counsel to help protect your child's best interests, your personal assets, and dividing community property fairly. Martens Law Office is highly skilled in the complex matters of family law, and can assist you during your time of need.